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About us

Pacific Lures  is the maker of the next generation of jigs.

Conceived by Rich Whitaker, of the innovative and highly successful line of Bait Wraps jigs.  

Following two near-death medical emergencies, Rich decided to get out of the rat race and do what he has been passionate about since childhood - jig fishing.  Rich has been fishing our Southern California waters for over forty years.  He started as a Pinhead on the Long Beach half day boats, alongside Mr. Tady himself.  Inshore, offshore, from half day boats to long range trips and exotic fishing destinations around the world, Rich has consistently landed big fish on the jig.  I'm sure you've heard that 10 percent of the fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish - well Rich is in the upper part of that 10 percent, and all on the jig.

After fishing with the same old painted jigs for decades Rich decided to see if he can make a better mouse trap so to speak, and took high-resolution images of bait fish and squids and bonded them to jigs. These proved to be extremely effective at catching fish of all species.  It just makes sense don't you think?

Rich has taken this concept to the next level with the help of Gary Puls. Gary's over 40 years of Southern California fishing experience, coupled with 16 years of technology consulting made him the perfect fit to see this concept through to fruition.

Gary Puls

Together, we bring you a jig with brilliant colors of our most productive bait fish and squid patterns on a VERY tough finish.  You will lose these jigs before you wear them out.

Please take a few minutes and review what we have to offer.  We thank you for stopping by.

Tight Lines!