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Friends of Pacific Lures


"Fish Slayer" Frost with his custom jigs!


John Aviles with a beautiful 185 lb. Yellowfin caught on the XXX Mack Daddy, Cow Tuna Edition.


John Santaella with a NICE Yellowtail on the XXX Señorita.


John Beaman Jr.

John Beaman of Los Anglers slays another nice Yellowtail on our Red Squid XXX.

Santiago and Manny getting it done with the Blue Psycho Squid on the Yellowtail!!!  

5-Day aboard the Intrepid 

Mark Chuckran with a quality Yellowtail on the Deviled Egg #1 Surface Iron


The #1 Mint Squid getting it done at Cedros and Benitos!

Dane Barriault with a nice Yellowtail on the XL Sardine Slammer!