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Our 5 oz. JR Yo-Yo iron is a proven fish slayer. Available in the most productive patterns.  We made this style specifically to target the Wahoo.  Bright purple is a proven hot color for the Wahoo.  This jig is imaged on both sides for maximum color in the water.  Available with a razor sharp 7/0 Southern Tuna hook or treble, and TIG welded SS rings as with all our jigs.  Cast it, yo-yo-it or fish it on the slide for the Wahoo.  And be ready for something bigger as a big Yellowfin will eat these too! This is the Pink Lady!

Pro-staff Tip: When targeting Wahoo with this jig tie some pink or purple flashabou on the hook shaft up towards the hook eye.  We like silver or gold thread for this for added flash but any color will work.  Cut the flahabou to about 1 inch past the end of the hook.  Be sure to seal your thread with any good head cement or even super glue will work.  You can tie this directly to your main line or fish it with a wire or fluorocarbon leader.  For wire, we prefer approximately 18 inch long Single Strand Titanium Leader Wire (AFW or Terminator Pro Series are good choices), properly crimped, with a SS barrel swivel for your main line.  Another good technique is a 200# fluorocarbon leader, same length.  Some say you may get more strikes without a leader, but you WILL lose more jigs.  

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